How to Install WordPress Theme

The fast growing world of Internet has seen a number of platforms of publishing across history. Not many have been as savored as wordpress. Having the right look for your website is as important though. Once you have created your own blog, you can simply add your favorite theme to give it the final classy touch of your taste, style and ideas.

Installing the free wordpress theme on your website is just a matter of a few seconds which requires you to follow a few imperative steps which are inclusive of:

  • Initial set up:
  1. Download the zip file for the selected free wordpress theme in the local machine say Unzip the theme to a folder, for instance, theme1.
  2. Now connect to your FPT server using the FPT logins that are given to you.
  3. Navigate the “wp-content/themes” in the directory and then finally upload the theme folder (theme1) here.
  4. Alternatively, if you have the cPanel Control panel, or for that matter any other control panel, you can upload the theme to the themes directory using the File Manager of the control panel itself. You can then simply extract the files using the File Manager.
  • Activating your theme:
  1. Log into the Administration panel at Now go to the “Theme” section of the admin panel.
  2. Under the section named “Available Themes”, you will have all the themes that you have uploaded on wp-content/themes folder.
  3. Now, all you’re needed to do here is click the Activate “Theme Name” given on the right side and your selected wordpress theme will be activated for your blog.

Alternatively, you can try the OneClick For Wordpress Plugin (, which lets install free wordpress themes and plugins on the fly, without having to go through the uploading process. It will avoid your first half of the theme installation procedure.
Skinning your website to your favorite flavors has never been so easy, and simple. With advent of wordpress, web publishing has definitely gone to the next level.

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